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Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of different hats. Your bookkeeping doesn't have to be a task you dread or avoid, but it's understandable if you do - no judgement either!


Welcome to dluxSolutions - if at any time you want to schedule an introduction and ask more questions, please do! Do you have a quick question? Check out the Chat feature.

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Thanks for visiting! My name is Amanda and I'm passionate about providing top quality QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Support. I have been an independent bookkeeper since 2016. I support entrepreneurs in building cash flow plans, bookkeeping workflows to support their start up journey as well as long term full service bookkeeping for growing businesses.

Entrepreneurs Are Creatives, but Numbers aren't Colorful

While I am very passionate about discussing finances and bookkeeping, I can also be found developing creative landscaping or building something around our homestead. With almost 50 chickens, ducks, a goose and peacocks - I believe in balancing business with life. It is not uncommon for clients to ask for help while I'm planting/harvesting the garden.

Not everyone has someone doing everything else for them and most of the time a business doesn't operate without taking personal responsibility for doing almost everything yourself - while working another job, raising children, laundry, dishes, shoveling snow and squeezing in breaks when you can. It's understandable BUT shouldn't be a reason to not ask for help on the one thing that can help you be more successful - your bookkeeping.

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