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1099 Preparation

Get your 1099 preparation started EARLY, ahead of the game and avoid interrupting holiday shopping and the year end rush!

If you're looking for help, Dlux Solutions QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Support is here to guide you along the way! Lets get started!

While your entire business operation can be supported with QuickBooks Online, lets explore one of the tax requirements you can utilize QuickBooks for: check out the 1099 Filing Options.


[Start] QuickBooks Online

** Supporting Documents: IRS W-9

[STEP 1] Run Report > Expenses by Vendor Summary

** Only available in QuickBooks Online (Essentials, Plus or Advanced)

  • Collect W-9 prior to paying Contractor

  • [Recommended Follow-up Dates: 11/1, 12/1, & 1/1]

  • Penalty FREE Filing Deadline: 1/31]

[STEP 2] Update Vendors (Edit Add Email + Select, Track for 1099)

[STEP 3] Review Contractors (via Taxes Menu)

  • Notify Contractors via Email to Update W-9

  • Verify information is correct


[Test] Prepare 1099s

There are two sections. First is checking the settings. Make sure everything is accurate according to all tax source documents.

[STEP 1] Company Information (Registered Business Name, EIN, email and phone number)

[STEP 2] Accounts (Also referred to as categories) select all categories related to 1099-NEC Non-Employee Compensation vs 1099-MISC Miscellaneous. (Expert Guidance)

[STEP 3] Contractors If a contractor does not appear in this list, make sure the 'Track for 1099' box is select under the vendor settings (Step 2 above)

[STEP 4] Review This is your first initial review of 1099s to potentially issue. All previous steps are reflected on accurate settings.

  • Any information in RED needs to be corrected.

  • Update Contractor information if there are errors from this point forward.

[STEP 5] Finish Preparing & File

[File] Efile via QuickBooks Online

[STEP 1] Review for Errors

[STEP 2] Complete

[Have Questions?]

Dlux Solutions QuickBooks Bookkeeping Support is here to help you! If you have any questions, jump in the chat or comment below.


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