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2024: Bookkeeping Reminders

** Consult with your tax advisor to ensure you are ready for all of your filing deadlines.
Dlux Solutions 2024 Tax Reminders

Have you ever asked a business owner what being an entrepreneur is like? If you have asked, most will tell you it comes with far more challenges than they realized.

Dlux Solutions provides entrepreneurs with support for their Bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online .

What's your filing deadline?

Are you a March 15th or April 15th filer? Not sure? Both? Check out this article & mark your calendar!

Did you know it's best practice to allow your tax preparer 45-60 days to complete submit your filing? I know! They're magicians, but even in a real magic trick, they build up to the big reveal.

The 1st of the year is the busiest season for the tax and accounting industry. January is the month the wrap up many required tax documents - like 1099s and W-2s. It's also the same time miscellaneous bookkeeping questions are getting reviewed and resolved in the hopes for an on time tax filing. YES - if you aren't finalizing your bookkeeping in January, it's likely an extension is in your future.

How to ensure a successful filing deadline?

  1. All bank transactions are posted, receipts attached, loan payments are adjusted.

  2. All balance sheet accounts are reconciled. Attach your statements in QuickBooks.

  3. 1099s issued to contractors.

  4. W-2s issued. Payroll Package for preparer.

  5. 1099s received.

Build a Monthly Process

The QuickBooks Transactions Menu sets these steps up side-by-side for you. If you're looking for assistance to build your own confidence DluxSolutions provides a service just for you!

  1. All bank transactions are posted.

  2. Attach receipts 

  3. Split loan payments for Interest & Principal

Verify your Open Invoices/Bills is up-to-date as of December 31

100% Reconcile your Books

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