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Dlux Solutions Bookkeeping Support Designed for You

When you think of bookkeeping, you probably have one idea in your head. It's probably someone who checks out the books at some interval and then you don't hear from them again. That's not totally true. There are quite a few ways one can utilize a bookkeeper. Here are some of my favorite ways.

The DIY Entrepreneur

This is designed for those who are savvy enough to do the bookkeeping themselves but need a little help in figuring out the process in the beginning. What's that saying about teach a man to fish? You know how it goes. This is where you learn to fish. Some things you'd learn with this type of service are:

  • Obtaining a thorough understanding of your customized financial reports.

  • Review Sales, Estimates & Invoicing process

  • Establish Strategic Income Categorizing via Products & Services Sold.

  • Build an automation station & review receipt capturing process.

  • Create & Practice Intentional Expense Categorizing.

  • Understand the reconciliation of all accounts.

  • Payroll Review for Owners, Employees & Contractors.

  • A Guide to Establish an Intentional Budget

Monthly Bookkeeping Done for You

Here is the monthly option you probably imagined. This is where a bookkeeping process is established and executed on for your business. This is perfect for those who need to get started. You know bookkeeping is something your business needs but feel lost. The idea of touching your books is overwhelming. You don't know where to start or what to do to maintain. This is how a monthly bookkeeper changes your life.

They strategize your income categorizing and can handle the sales, estimates and invoicing. Bookkeepers are the ones to establish the automation in your QuickBooks Online account. We reconcile your accounts, build accurate financial reports while preparing you for your tax preparer.

Your New Team Member

This is the long-term, let's join forces option. This is where you add a dedicated team member to your business so you can ensure business runs optimally. This option is designed for those who are ready to scale in their business. This business owner needs someone in their corner who understands their business so they can maximize their ti me and get back to doing their favorite part of their business.

  • This is how this looks over 12 months with me:

  • Bookkeeping process is established for your business via QuickBooks Online and other integrated applications you utilize

  • Review Sales, Estimates & Invoicing Process for a streamlined workflow

  • Review Expense Categorizing for Consistency

  • Monthly Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

So where is your business? Where could you use support? We all need a bookkeeper. Now it's up to you to decide how to best utilize one. If you're not sure of where to start, let's talk. This call comes with no strings attached and is designed to help you figure out what's best for your business. Chat soon!

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