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Documents you need to meet your Tax Preparer

A bookkeeper helps you prepare meticulous financial records with all of your documents. Do you already have ALL of the financial documents you’ll need for your business before the end of the year? Maybe you think you do - if you aren’t 100% sure use the checklist below.

As 4th quarter approaches, it is the perfect time to double check and start making sure everything is in order!

QUICK TIP: Create a Taxes Folder in the cloud. Add a folder for every year. Review the documents from last year as a reminder for this year.

From bank, credit card, and loan statements to sole proprietor, LLC or the difference between and S-Corp or C-Corp filer. There can be a lot of important documents to ensure you have available for your tax preparer to complete the filing for you. Here are some of the most common documents you’ll need - as well as tips on which time-consuming docs you should start on today!



Formation Documents + Prior Year Return

EIN Verification Letter (Form: SS-4, Notice: CP 575)

Secretary of State Filing (most recent)

Partnership Agreements

Tax Return for Last Year (Specific to EIN)

If you company partnership or designation status has changed, please remember to provide all final, signed and filed forms.


** Keep in mind that some banks only keep statement PDFs online for 3-6 months, and may require special requests for older statements.

Bank Statements

Credit Card Statements

Loan + Financing Statements

QuickBooks Online has a place to store these documents with each of the accounts it's related to. NEW for QuickBooks Online in 2021 is Auto Syncing Statements. Many banks have made agreements with Intuit to sync transactions and statements to make the bookkeeping process that much more thorough for the business owner.


** Try to start early with your charges on personal accounts. It’s hard to remember which Amazon chargers were business or personal after 11 months!


Mileage Log

Asset Purchase Details ** Balance Sheet **

Business Expenses on Personal Accounts ** Owner Contributions **

Sales Tax Filing Reports



  1. Updated Employee Info for W2s

  2. W2/W3 Reports Package ** Payroll Documents Folder, Downloaded in .pdf format **

  3. State & Federal Filing Reports (Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports)

  1. Requesting W9s from Vendors to Issue 1099s

** Because we're dependent on the reply times of others, it’s a great idea to start early. Best practice is to collect this information before paying a contractor. (Also, don’t forget, the 1099 deadline is in January 31 every year - not April!)


Additional Tax Forms ** reference check your tax folder from last year **

Additional W-2s

1099s Received

Home Office Deduction Information (Used sf / Total sf = % of cost)

Interest Earned Statement(s)

Interest Paid Statement(s)

Property Tax Statement

Student Loan Statement

It’s quite the list, which is why I wanted to share with you now, so you can get a jump start! If you need help with this process, and getting organized, just reach out!

Whether you need some help catching up, or just some help keeping up, I’d love to help you the same way I help my clients!

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