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Definitely not boring, basic bookkeeping.

DluxSolutions Bookkeeping Support

You're probably here to get help with your bookkeeping,

but you think you might be able to handle it yourself?

OR maybe you really want someone to just do it for you

Our team is prepared to support and guide you through bookkeeping that supports your goals, cashflow and intentional tax preparation.

We aren’t your normal bookkeeping business...

We are the expertise you need for better long term success.

Check out the different Member options to plot the course the best suits your bookkeeping needs.

DIY Entrepreneur

QuickBooks Online Support 
for the DIY Entrepreneur

Meet Amanda


I help businesses prepare for their taxes, create clarity within their business, and maintain accurate financial records – but I’m not your boring, basic bookkeeper. My passion is providing my clients with valuable, reliable and sustainable accounting records.

Davis-Amanda-100HS-014-2 1.png
Efficient and Accessible! If you have a question she will always be available to answer you and help you find a way to get the job done!


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